Airborne Geophysics

Since 2007, Geosan has started Fixed Wing Airborne Magnetic and Radiometric survey with a latest industry standard acquisition system and Cessna Caravan 208B aircraft. Read more>>

Ground Geophysics

GEOSAN provides ground geophysical services in data acquisition, processing and interpretation. Our main area of expertise is in electrical geophysical surveys for mineral exploration, groundwater exploration and environmental applications. Read more>>

Aerial photogrammetric surveying and mapping

Geosan extended its business to the field of aerial photogrammetric surveying and mapping since 2011. The company owns and operates Vexcel Imaging’s Microsoft UltraCamXp Wide Angle digital camera. Read more>>


Since 2007, Geosan Aviation has been the leader within the Mongolian civil aviation sector in providing airborne geophysical survey and mapping flights. Geosan currently owns and operates two Cessna Grand Caravan 208B models. Read more>>