photo1For photogrammetric processing of aerial and satellite imagery, Geosan’s team uses advanced software including ;

Ultra Map AT from Vexcel ImagingSummit Evolution from DAT/EM, Inpho – Match-T DSM, DT Master Stereo, SCOP++ Kernel, OrthoMaster, and OrthoVista – from Trimble. Processing workstations are equipped with planar stereo mirror displays, stereo glasses, 3D stealth mice, and stereo plotters, enabling the measurement of spatial features in 3D.

Utilizing an experienced geospatial team and the latest in photogrammetric technology, Geosan accurately and efficiently compiles, edits, and delivers precise planimetric, topographic, and 3D spatial datasets.

  • Aerial photograph processing
  • Aerial triangulation (aerial surveying and adjustment)
  • Stereo restitution and 3D feature collection
  • DTM and contour line generation
  • Orthophoto generation
  • Topographic mapping, create a database
  • Terrain modeling (DSM, DEM)
  • Contour and thematic mapping
  • GIS