radiometricGround and Vehicle borne radiometric could be used as etalon for airborne spectrometry data processing, but those instruments could be used as an independent survey tools as well.

The gamma-ray Spectrometry survey is mapping potassium, uranium, thorium concentrations at the Earth’s surface.

We are using SAIC/Exploranium systems (GR-320 Portable Spectrometer, GR-460 Vehicle Radiation Monitoring system) for gamma-ray spectrometry survey.

The GR-460 is an integrated Radiation Monitoring system that can be deployed for Vehicle use for local area mapping and source location. In the vehicle the system automatically scans radiation data and stores full SPECTRUM data and GPS position data in the computer system.

Equipments available:

  • GDD transmitter
  • XMT-21/32 transmitter control

We could survey any geospatial engineering objects, areas with advanced Dual Frequency DGPS, laser scanning and electronic total stations.