Projects and Experience

Since its establishment in 1996, Geosan has completed assignments across Mongolia, China, Loas and Myanmar for international renowned clients such as BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto, Ivanhoe Mines, Denison Mines, Gobi Coal and Energy, Samtan Mores, Cameco Mongolia, Tethys (CVRD), Erdenet mining, Centerra Gold and WWF.

We have most experienced:
  • Professional geophysicist and advisor geologist
  • Expert processing specialist
  • Skilled survey pilots and engineers
  • Photogrammetric specialists and geodesists

Geosan has performed some major projects across Mongolia and its neighboring country. e.g

Ground geophysics :

2004: Pole-Dipole IP and magnetic surveys for Anglo Gold Ashanti Mongolia LLC.
2004: IP and magnetometer surveys for East Asia Minerals LLC.
2007: Ground geophysical survey for Ivanhoe Mines Mongolia Inc.
2006: Ground geophysical survey for QGX Mongol LLC.
2008: Borehole logging service for Denison Mines Mongolia LLC.
2008: IP, magnetic, TEM, Geochemical sampling, DGPS and ground gravity surveys for Tethys Mining LLC.
2008: Ground geophysical survey for BHP Billiton LLC.
2009: VES survey for Energy Resources.
2009: Borehole logging survey for Entrée Gold.
2009: IP survey for Centerra Gold Mongolia LLC.
2009: Ground magnetic, gravity and IP/Resistivity surveys for Erdene Mongol LLC.
2010: IP and magnetic surveys for Camex LLC.
2010: Ground geophysical surveys for Altan Xanadu LLC and Capcorp Mongolia LLC.
2010: Gamma-ray logging survey for Rolling Hills Resources LLC.

Airborne geophysics :

2008: Airborne geophysical survey for Gobi Coal and Energy LLC.
2009: Airborne geophysical survey for Cameco Mongolia LLC to detect radiometric and magnetic signatures associated with potential mineral occurrences in Mongolia.
2009: Fly fixed wing airborne geophysical survey in South Western Mongolia for MoOiCo LLC.
2009-2010: Airborne geophysical surveys on several projects for Samtan Mores LLC.
2010-2012: Completed large-scale government project for 1:25000 Airborne geophysical survey in Sainshand province Mongolia.
2011: Airborne geophysical survey in South Western Mongolia for Universal Copper LLC.

Aerial survey and mapping :

2009-2010: Aerial survey of Saiga population for World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF).
2011: Aerial photography mapping with 10 cm of GSD and orthophoto mosaicking and tiling of Ulaanbaatar city.
2011: Aerial photography mapping with 10 cm of GSD in archeologic study field of Orkhon valley.
2011: Aerial photography mapping with 10 cm of GSD in territory of Tuv province.
2012: Completed 2nd project for production of topographic maps of Ulaanbaatar for The Panasia and Samboo Consortium.
2011-2015: Government project for 1:25 000 scale topographic mapping covering 45% of Mongolian territory, 704 000 km².